Download and Install Remix OS Player, Android Emulator On PC

By | October 28, 2017

Released quite recently, Remix OS takes your Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 running PC and OS X powered Mac to a whole new level and lest you enjoy millions of applications and games. Being the latest Android Emulator, Remix comes packed with the latest features and gives you a new way with your PC devices but at the same time, its installation is a bit tricky as compare to Bluestacks and Andy OS.

Remix OS doesn’t require you to save space for any kind of storage however, you’ll need USB Pen drive in order to install it. It unpacks itself as an improvised version and installs itself on the Pen drive, which then you insert in your Windows PC and Mac. Let’s see how it is done.

Remix OS was better in many ways than most of the other Android Emulators but soon after its launch, it became obvious that installing Remix OS is far more complicated than other Android Emulators. Not too long ago Jide released Remix OS Player, that works even better than Remix OS and is easy to install as well. It works pretty much similar to Bluestacks and Andy OS and gives you the smoothest, glitch free Android experience. It even lets you decide the amount of RAM you want to allocate it, that will surely come in handy while managing between Remix OS Player and other applications.

After all the things we have mentioned it is quite clear that unlike Remix OS, Remix OS Player doesn’t put you through a complicated installation process. Let’s take a look how much easy Jide actually made installing Remix OS Player.Remix OS Player

Download and Install Remix OS Player

  1. Download the latest edition of Jide’s Remix OS Player for PC.

Installer Download | Mirror Download

  1. The setup file will be downloaded in the form of self-extracting zip file.
  2. Once you’ll specify the destination folder, the setup files will be extracted.
  3. Now run the extracted RemixOSPlayer.exe file to initiate the installation.
  4. That’s it, you have successfully installed Remix OS Player.

How to run Apps for PC using Remix OS Player

  1. Launch the Remix OS Player by clicking the RemixOSPlayer.exe.
  2. On startup, it will ask you to configure advanced options, that’s where you allocate RAM and CPU Cores to Remix OS Player.
  3. After allocating the resources just sit back, as it will prepare for the further process.
  4. Once the phase is over, choose the language you want Remix OS Player to operate in upon asking.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the applications you want to install in-app recommendations.
  6. Now activate Google play store by clicking on the next.
  7. Navigate back to Home screen and launch Google play store to install your desired apps and games.


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